Friday, April 21, 2006

Constitutional Convention Survivors Meet in Juneau

Thursday night my dad came to town. He is here for a reunion with other surviving delegates and staff of the Alaska State Constitutional Convention. Today I have the honor of introducing all of them to the House.

It's great to have my dad in town. Dad is a young eighty-years-old. He stays busy and exercises everyday. He is still sharp as a tack and opinionated.

George Sundborg, his grandson Mike Sundborg, Jack Coghill,Victor Fischer, Katie Hurley, and George Rogers sit in the Peratrocivh Gallery waiting for me to introduce them to the House Session. George Sundborg, Jack Coghill and Victor Fischer were delegates to the constitutional convention. Katie Hurley was the secretary for the gathering and George Rogers was a consultant on economics for the convention.

Here dad joins me for a meeting with Jim Smith from Galena to discuss HB 16 my boarding school legislation that passed the Senate in the last week of session and is on the way to the Governor to be signed into law.

When a former member of the House is introduced, he or she, is allowed to speak to the body from the gallery. As you can see, my dad wasn't shy. He gave them is two cents worth.