Thursday, February 16, 2006

Close-Up Students

This is a picture of the students listening to a committee hearing.

This a picture of the close up students in the speaker's chambers.

Here the students are relaxing in the House Chambers. In the gallery you can see a picture hanging on the wall. The gallery is named after the woman pictured there, Elizabeth Peratrovich. Today is Elizabeth Peratrovich Day in honor of her efforts to eliminate discrimination against Alaska Natives. Her famous saying, "I would not have expected that I, who am barely out of savegery, would have to remind gentlemen with five thousand years of recorded civilization behind them of our Bill of Rights." She was met with applause and the Anti-Discrimination Act was signed February 16th of 1945.
The vote was 11-5.

My legislative aide, Willow Olson, had the privilege of meeting her son Roy Peratrovich in Paulsbo, Washington. She was visiting an art shop and he happened to be the featured artist that day.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Flint Hills Resources

Executives from Flint Hills Resources visited my office recently. Flint Hills owns the oil refinery in my district. They purchased the refinery two years ago and are an asset to the community of North Pole. Approximately 60% of their production is utilized by the aviation markets. In Alaska, the importance of the aviation industry can not be understated. There are many place in Alaska that are only accessible with aircraft. I am please to have this company operating in my district.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Turn the Capitol Red

Above is a picture of my staff, Willow Olson, Karen Lidster and Rynnieva Moss doing their part to turn the capitol red. Many legislators and staff members wore red in celebration of Go Red For Women, which brings awareness to heart disease in women. The American Heart Association idicates that heart disease is the #1 killer in America. For more information check out