Friday, May 12, 2006

Representative Coghill's Native Allotment Resolution Passes

I was recently presented with clock engraved with the inscription "In Gratitutde for Your Work and Dedicated Commitment on Behalf of Alaska Native Vietnam Veterans". I was presented the clock and a medal from the Alaska Native Veterans Southeast for my sponsorship of House Joint Resolution 27, which asks Congress to extend the application period for native allotments to Vietnam Veterans. Presenters included Ed Thomas, Carol Yeatman, and Representative Bill Thomas.

Representative Bill Thomas and I are both veterans of the Vietnam War era. I was statitoned in England and Rep. Thomas served in Vietnam.

I want to especially thank Carol Yeatman. Carol has been working on this project for a long time. She works for Alaska Legal Services Corporation and was the word master of HJR 27.

Here I am thanking the group of native veterans for their help with HJR 27. The resolution will now be sent to select members of Congress and the Bush Administration.