Thursday, January 24, 2008

Session Begins

The second regular session of the 25th Legislature began last Tuesday, January 15th. According to my calculations, that means I have 82 days left here in Juneau. All of us down here are racing to beat the clock due to new deadlines, faster committees, and a general sense of haste pervading the capitol building.
Since we have already hit the ground with our proverbial “feet running” my first bill, and priority left unfinished last session, was heard in House Finance today. HB 65 takes steps towards consumer protection through much needed identity theft legislation.
Once that bill passes from the House to the Senate, my next project will be taking on a Constitutional amendment regarding parental consent for minors to receive certain medical procedures, including abortion. Pro-Family and Parental Rights issues are always close to my heart, and I hope my fellow members and the citizens of Alaska will support this important legislation to protect women and children.
My time here in Juneau is time spent away from my family and my home. I appreciate the responsibility and duty my district has given me the past ten years, and I will continue to serve the state the best I can.
Remember, my office door is always open to any visiting constituents, and please call my staff anytime (907) 465-3719. Thanks for another session!

- Representative John Coghill