Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Third Legislative Week

The third week here at the Capitol proved exciting for students and teacher's statewide. Juneau has played host this week to different student organizations. I had the pleasure of visiting several times with a group of six students from North Pole Middle School along with two of their teachers. These students from my district took part in the Junior Close-Up program, which gives selected Jr. High students a firsthand look at the legislative, executive, and administrative branches of state government. I also had the opportunity to meet with another group of Close-Up students from the Mat-Su area.

The students from North Pole Middle School are (left to right): Jacob, Madison, Brittany, Joleen, Bethany, and Kelley. The students were accompanied by teachers Mrs. Barbara Nore and Mr. Mark Donker.
Other student organizations around the capitol this week included a delegation from the University of Alaska student government here lobbying for support for the University's budget request.

Last week I was appointed as the Chairman of a Subcommittee on Ethics through the State Affairs Committee. My staff and I have been working on gathering all the ideas and suggestions put forth by the different legislators. We hope to present to State Affairs one extensive ethics bill that combines all the proposals.
Things here are moving at a faster pace than usual, as everyone is working extra hard to meet the ninety-day session rule that will become effective next year, sp please continue checking in each week as there should be updates.